40th Anniversary
Bull Sale

March 9, 2017

At The Ranch in Burrton, KS

Recent Winners

We were proud to exhibit the Champion Angus Female at the 2016 Kansas State Fair!

Success Stories

The Rowlett Family (Duck River Farm) from Hurrican Mills, TN purchased several females from us from 2005 - 2008. Their offspring made a dynamic showing at the 2015 NJAS Bred and Owned Heifer Show. Congratulations Lawson Rowlett on:
Class Winner June 2014 heifer calf
sire by Bushwacker, out of McCurry Erica cow family

2nd place Dec. Heifer Calf
sired by McCurry Bismark 2095, out of the McCurry Royal Lady cow family

2nd place March 2014 heifer calf
full sister to the December calf

4th place Feb. 2014 heifer calf
sired by SAV Bismark, out of the McCurry Blackcap cow family

Heath and Brooke Bergkamp and Luke Doris bought a female in 2005.  She was also shown successfully, claiming division honors at numerous ROV shows.  But that rewarding investment raised a heifer calf this year that was sold for more than the original purchase price and then went on to win Division 1 at the NJAS in Pennsylvania. She was owned and shown by John Jacobs.



McCurry Angus originated as Marands Angus in 1977 with the marriage of two – 3rd generation Angus breeders: Andy McCurry (KS) and Mary Elizabeth Smith (TN). They met at Kansas State University where Mary was finishing up her M.S. degree in Food Science/Meat Science and Andy had returned to complete his B.S. in Animal Science, having left the McCurry Bros. family operation in 1975 to pursue his own dreams –something he could call his own.

Not knowing where they would eventually settle, it was decided their new herd name would be MARANDS –the first 3 letters of MARY and the first 3 letters of ANDY = MARANDS. Even though MARANDS is often mis-pronounced, they have stayed true to their original name. The “outline” of the logo comes from the shape of the state of Tennessee, their first home. And the Marands name stuck with them until the early 2000's when their son John took over the day to day operations of the herd along with his wife Melody. With the addition of this new generation came the name change to McCurry Angus.

Operating on almost 1,300 acres of sandhill pastures near Hutchinson, KS, McCurry Angus is a family owned cow/calf operation that focuses on raising and developing bulls for the commercial rancher. Our enjoyment of helping new Angus breeders and 4-H/FFA members with Angus projects has also created a market for Junior heifer prospects. We run a fall calving herd of 200 females and a spring herd of 100 Angus-based recipient females.

Converting a sandy, blowing row crop farm to a fertile haven of both cool and warm season grasses can be attributed to Andy’s love for developing pastures to support a forage-based environment for our cowherd. This twenty year conversion process has earned our family the Reno Co/KS “Grassland Award” while also hosting multiple KSU Extension grass tours.

The pastures on the home place have been developed by Andy and John to compliment the fall calving herd of approximately 200 females. Wrangler & Guymon Bermuda grass, Tall Hosea Wheat grass (for alkaline soils), brome and fescue run the gamut. Each have a place in the rotational grazing program and were selected based on soil type and annual rainfall limitations. The spring herd consists primarily of 100 commercial cows used as recipients for the donor program and are run on native pastures.

Mary and Andy came from similar backgrounds – both were 3rd generation Angus breeders – one from KS and one from TN. Their story reads like this:

Andy’s grandfather
Walter and Cora (Workman) McCurry purchased their first two Angus heifers from his brother-in-law, Johnson Workman, in 1928. Workman was a noted pioneer in agriculture and the Angus breed, having started his registered herd in 1913 in Kansas. The Workman cattle won many Champion Carlot shows at the American Royal and International Stock Shows in the 1920’s. Johnson Workman was firm in his belief that fads and fancies were detrimental to a sound breeding program.

Johnson Workman carlot of Angus steers

Andy’s father
A.J. McCurry is the oldest of the five “McCurry Bros.” Each brother carried a responsibility in keeping this family operation moving and the compatibility of these five brothers, working as a team, has been the source of amazement for people who have known them for many years. Each brother was suited to a different task. AJ was in charge of alfalfa production, maintenance and hog operation, Odell the row crop, Bob wheat farming and show cattle, Dale, the cow herd and show cattle and Cecil operated the grain elevator and took care of the books.

Left to Right: A.J., Dale, O'Dell, Bob and Cecil McCurry

Mary’s grandfather
John Mathews Smith was a successful farmer and stockman near Jackson, TN. He ran a commercial herd and utilized registered Angus bulls beginning in the 1950’s. His two sons, John and Neil Smith, attended the University of Tennessee, were on successful livestock judging teams and were WWII veterans. Each continued their love of farming and raising cattle. Neil joined his father’s operation and Mary’s dad, John Sanford Smith, purchased his own farm in 1953 after serving as a Tennessee Ag Extension Agent.

Mary’s father
An unfortunate farming accident in 1955 left John Smith with one arm, thus necessitating the dispersal of his dairy herd. One year later, after rehab in a VA hospital in Memphis, TN, John returned to his farm and began purchasing registered Angus females at dispersal sales throughout the South and started his cow/calf operation. His herd grew as did his three daughters involvement in Junior Angus activities, both on a state and national level. Two daughters were crowned National Angus Queens: Mary in 1971-72 and Beverly in 1975-76. Daughter Sue was a National 4-H Winner in the Veterinary Science project in 1972. The family was named Tennessee’s first Angus Family of the Year in 1973.

John was a past president of the Tennessee Angus Association, Tennessee Livestock Assn, named Mid-South Ag Press “Man of the Year” and was a member of the American Angus Association Board of Directors from 1972-1978 (need to verify these years). It was during his service on the board that the Certified Angus Beef program was initiated as well as many other programs that set the Angus breed apart.

Left to Right: A.J. McCurry, John Sanford Smith, Andy McCurry and
John McCurry exhibiting his first bred and owned heifer. June 1988.

The 4th Generation

We do not profess to be a “show cattle” oriented program/herd, but the result of focusing on sound structured, fertile, feminine fronted females with lots of volume and capacity has resulted in a record seldom seen at the National Junior Angus level –especially from a family owned and run operation. The past three years have seen our family win three national titles at the National Junior Angus Show, a feat almost unheard of. All of these animals were bred, raised and shown by our family. The duet of John and Emily McCurry are quite a team!

What tops this off is that Andy missed the first two National championships! He was headed home to check on the ranch and missed the 2003 and the 2004 championship drive. All he got was a phone call and a photograph to commemorate the events! However, he did stick around in 2005 to see Emily’s Bred-and-owned Bull win the 2005 NJAS. And… to top it off Emily was named “Premier Junior Breeder” of the 2005 NJAS. A grand finale for Emily’s last year as a Junior Angus exhibitor!

Emily McCurry, Premier Jr. Breeder 2005 NJAS

Cattle are just part of the equation at McCurry Angus. Andy & Mary McCurry are firm believers in being involved in organizations and giving back to their community and this belief has been passed on to their children. The Junior Angus program, at the state and national level, has provided a foundation to raise their children, John and Emily. Life skill sets can be honed and perfected through numerous competitions and events –both individually and as team members. Logical thinking, creativity, time management, multi-tasking (just try and juggle showing 13 head of cattle at a Jr show and participate in 13 different contests – all in one week!)– all serve to develop individuals who are prepared for life by experiencing it to its fullest. We thank the Junior Angus program for helping us raise our children!

John McCurry, Colvin Scholarship Winner

2002 National Junior Angus Association board of directors. John McCurry
(front right) served as membership director.

Top ten overall contestants at the 2003 American Royal Intercollegiate Livestock Judging
Contest in Kansas City, MO. John (far right) received tenth-high individual overall.

Emily McCurry, led the intermediate champion bred-and-owned bull, McCurry Sir
Shackleton 1014, at the 2002 National Junior Angus Show in Milwaukee, WI.

John McCurry and Kyle Conley claimed senior showmanship honors at the
2000 Southwest Regional Preview Junior Angus Show.

Kansas Junior Angus Association members captured first place honors in the senior
division of the team sales competition at the 2002 NJAS. Team members from left
include Ben Winsor, Jeana Sankey, and Emily McCurry.

These young ladies were awarded scholarships from the American Angus Auxiliary
and had the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss American Angus. Pictured from left
includes, Emily McCurry, first place; Joanna Olson, second place; Hope Herd, third place;
Kristi Wilson, fifth place; and Nancy Sullivan, American Angus Auxiliary president.

In 2004 Emily and Mary McCurry served as co-coordinators of the Miss
American Angus program.

Emily received the Outstanding Leadership Award at the 2004 NJAS.

Megin Santee, 2003 Kansas Angus Queen, and Emily McCurry, 2002 Kansas Angus
Queen, represent Kansas Angus royalty at the Kansas Angus Association
annual meeting and banquet.

John McCurry showed the reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female,
McCurry Blackcap 9834 of JJM, at the 2000 Southwest Regional Preview Junior
Angus Show in Tyler, Texas.