40th Anniversary
Bull Sale

March 9, 2017

At The Ranch in Burrton, KS

Recent Winners

We were proud to exhibit the Champion Angus Female at the 2016 Kansas State Fair!

Success Stories

The Rowlett Family (Duck River Farm) from Hurrican Mills, TN purchased several females from us from 2005 - 2008. Their offspring made a dynamic showing at the 2015 NJAS Bred and Owned Heifer Show. Congratulations Lawson Rowlett on:
Class Winner June 2014 heifer calf
sire by Bushwacker, out of McCurry Erica cow family

2nd place Dec. Heifer Calf
sired by McCurry Bismark 2095, out of the McCurry Royal Lady cow family

2nd place March 2014 heifer calf
full sister to the December calf

4th place Feb. 2014 heifer calf
sired by SAV Bismark, out of the McCurry Blackcap cow family

Heath and Brooke Bergkamp and Luke Doris bought a female in 2005.  She was also shown successfully, claiming division honors at numerous ROV shows.  But that rewarding investment raised a heifer calf this year that was sold for more than the original purchase price and then went on to win Division 1 at the NJAS in Pennsylvania. She was owned and shown by John Jacobs.



McCurry Angus females, now numbering almost 200, trace back to six cow family lines that Andy and Mary combined upon their marriage. For the first 25 years, with the exception of two females purchased for John & Emily, the female line remained a “closed herd”. No outside females were introduced until the past 5 years. The result is a close-relatedherd of uniform females.

The labor force of this operation consisted of the family for the first 26 years: Andy, Mary, John & Emily. With both Andy & Mary having professional careers and working off the farm, the herd was managed much like any commercial herd. Cattle had to survive and perform on their own. The focus has been on females –the key to any successful breeding program, as reproductive traits are ten times more important on an economic scale than any other value indicator. McCurry females are bred to be high volumed, easy fleshing, moderate sized, with excellent udder quality, longevity, fertility and a quiet disposition. These convenient traits that do not show upon EPDs.

We opened our herd up for the first time in 2005 and offered choice of all our fall-born heifer calves at our first-ever “Pursuit of the Purple” Open House/Silent Auction sale on April 29, 2005. The result was fantastic!  Posting a $5,000 average, these heifers have continued to perform for their new owners. 26 head of McCurry Angus females were exhibited at the 2005 National Junior Angus Show by 13 exhibitors. Out of these 26, came three division championships, four class winners, and seven seconds. Many stood in the Top 5 at the NJAS!

EVCC Blackcap 901

Reg: 17178762

McCurry Miss Wix 6027

Reg: 15446624

McCurry Blackcap 0001

Reg: 17165773

McCurry Kinochtry Annie 9112

Reg: 17734298

McCurry Miss Wix 8036

Reg: 16083733

McCurry Miss Wix 7077

Reg: 16030827

McCurry Blackcap 6099

Reg: 15669573

McCurry Miss Wix 6018

Reg: 15446616

McCurry Blackcap 6014

Reg: 15446612

Marands Miss Wix 5039

Reg: 15290533

Marands Blackcap 5030

Reg: 15290528

Sedgwicks Pride 479W

Reg: 16669359

BT Susanna 445R

Reg: 15027562

Marands Royal Lady 4042

Reg: 14974025

Champion Hill Lady 3991

Reg: 14722446

McCurry Blackcap 2096

Reg: 17296272

Gambles Lady 1031

Reg: 16982299